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A PTSA Room shared among several volunteers can be tricky to maintain and keep tidy. This space was in need of a major overhaul. By purchasing and putting together additional shelving units, buying large containers, racks and small organizational pieces for office supplies, this room has been transformed into an orderly space for all volunteers to enjoy. Labeling all containers and shelving, helps every volunteer to find exactly what they need and where to return it! This particular project was challenging due to all the large props and event decor. But with a little sweat and hard work, we came up with a few fun ideas! By building a bin to hold large props, we were able to cover it up with a beautiful tablecloth that doubles as a backdrop for their meeting space. We found a sturdy clothing rack which holds all of their tablecloths and more! We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with this school and the amazing staff and the wonderful PTSA co-presidents!

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