Hall Closet

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Hall Closet

If you are a Pinterest addict like us, you may have seen how to cover your wire shelves to beautify your closet. Today’s project we tackled just that!

First we measured the depth of the shelves and cut the foam board to fit using an exacto knife and straight edge. Because this closet is long, we had to piece the boards together using heavy duty packing tape. Then we measured how far down the front piece should be to cover the wire shelving and we cut those. Using heavy duty packing tape again, we taped the edge piece to the shelf piece. Once they were on the shelves we applied the contact paper. It was a budget fix for these shelves. They are more practical now because items don’t tip over. She can now store some of her decorative glass pieces on the top shelf where they are safe and out of reach from the kids. Before they just didn’t sit nicely on the wire shelves. Our client couldn’t be happier with the results! And we were pleased with the Pinterest win!

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