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Our Approach

We understand clients may be hesitant or even embarrassed to show us their clutter. Every project is approached with no judgement. To us, it's fun to see the transformation we can bring. We get to know our clients first by determining their desired outcomes, considering their personality, lifestyle, budget, and timeline. Our services are customized to meet each clients' specific needs. No two projects or households are the same.

Our goal is to leave our clients feeling empowered and knowing that they can succeed in maintaining our organization systems.

Our Story

We became friends through our boys. As we got to know each other, we discovered that we both have a passion for organizing and one day during a lunch meeting, Simply Organized Solutions was born.

After completing a few projects for friends we quickly realized that this was our calling. We are honored and blessed to be invited into our clients’ homes; see the rooms and areas that others don’t normally get to see, and to work with them to find solutions for their organizing needs. We absolutely love to help people simplify all areas of their homes. We find it as rewarding and inspiring as they do.

Meet the Team

Professional Organizer

Sarah Brooks

Professional Organizer

Self proclaimed organizing fanatic who loves all things neat and tidy. Bringing organization to any area of the home brings me inner peace. You could say I was born this way. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than being able to use my talents to help clients become more organized in their homes. I help guide clients through the decluttering process and figuring out the best flow to fit their lifestyle.

As a mom of two very busy and active boys this job has been such a blessing because it allows me the flexibility to be available for them. I truly love what I do! It has been fulfilling and rewarding to witness the sheer joy that organization brings to clients. Not to mention I get to use a label maker every day, what could be better?

Professional Organizer

Tami Ford

Professional Organzier

My background is in Graphic Design so I'm used to making things look good. Unlike Sarah, I don't know that I was born this way (LOL) but I have always had a knack for organizing. Prior to joining with Sarah, friends and family would frequently ask me for advice on organization techniques, and interior design ideas. I love finding creative solutions to keep spaces organized and to help your home reflect your unique style. It is my belief that having a clutter free, organized space can bring simplicity and peace to your life. I have found that when you know what you have and where to find it, it's a game changer, saving you both time and money, two of my favorite things!

I'm the "handy" one, call me crazy but I love to assemble furniture, hang shelves, etc. Bring on the IKEA diagrams!




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